Friday, January 2, 2015

Game Day

Actually, Game Day minus one.  We are staying tonight down near the start, so we have to leave the house in a few hours.  Do we have everything?

Bike - check (Roger is responsible for checking the condition and lubing, etc, but of course I will go through that all with him to "double check" just as he does for me with the clothes and gear.)

Clothes - check (it could be quite chilly for the start and the high tomorrow is not expected to be much above 60 degrees.  Spectacular riding weather!)

Helmets, gloves, shoes, booties - check, check, check, check!

Maps, cue sheets - check, check

Baggie to keep cue sheet, brevet card and receipts safe and dry - check

Lights, back-up lights - check (even though Roger says, "we will not need them for this one.")

Reflective vest and ankle straps - check

Clothes for after (you don't want to ride home in your chamois!) - check

Sandwiches, banana, apple/orange slices, bars - check

Chamois cream - check (oh yeah, check, check and double-check!)

Camera - check

ID - check (we ride through Pendleton, so this is a must or we'd be turned back)

Waiver and registration - check and check

Check for payment - check!

And I guess that is it.  If we are successful, tomorrow I will be a randonneusse!

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