Thursday, January 1, 2015

Talking about it

Roger sent many of our cycling friends an email announcing that we were considering doing this thing, and would be starting by doing this first brevet on Saturday.  Now, I am not one to do that sort of thing.  Since I have no idea yet whether this will work out or not, I just would not say anything to anyone until I had a little clearer idea of what I was doing.  I guess I don't like saying, "oh well - it didn't work out."  I don't want to have to share my failures so publicly.

But, Roger is an event planner, it seems.  He can say, "We're going out to Bautista Canyon" and get six folks to come along.  He sets up remote trips to the coast, or invites people to join us at the Mammoth century, or Stagecoach, and people come!  So this was very natural to him.

"Hey, everyone, here's another thing you can do, and we're going out to do it, so why don't you think about coming out with us?"  And that's how it happened.  I can totally understand why he did it.

And maybe, just maybe, I can also imagine that it was a strategic move on his part.  Since I have to believe that he understands at least a little bit about how I think, and he's figuring I won't be able to back out if everybody knows about our plans!

Well, I've got to give this to him:  today on the Annual New Year's Day Rubidoux ride, Candy was asking about our ride Saturday, and saying how everyone was so excited about what we are trying to do.  Others also asked about our plans as we rode today, and last week.  And I guess there is no harm in having a bit of cosmic energy coming your way via the good wishes and excitement of your friends.  So, Roger - my hat's off to you!  Maybe we will actually get to Paris, and maybe we will not.  But we will at least have the support and interest of our friends to help us keep the energy level up while we go about figuring it out.

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